GENDER - From gender studies in the humanities and social sciences to emerging health and digital issues

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Ce projet a reçu un financement du CPER DI2L2S en 2020.
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Since their infancy in the 1970s, gender studies have constantly developed and influenced the gender mainstreaming approach that European public policies are trying to advocate. However, in France, as pointed out by the Institut du Genre: « although studies on women, gender and sexuality are undergoing a remarkable expansion, they are still not sufficiently visible ». Moreover, while most of the research has been conducted in humanities and social sciences departments, questions are emerging in health and digital science.In the health domain, gender differences are observed in almost all fields of medicine, beyond the field of reproductive health. In the digital world, Artificial Intelligence programs exhibit gender biases, conversational agents reproduce gender stereotypes, and the vast majority of decision support software ignore equality issues.

The GENDER project aims at federating the Nantes scientific community toward two common objectives:

  • strengthening the visibility and the development of gender research in the humanities and social sciences that are at the foundation of gender studies ;
  • opening new creative interdisciplinary research on emerging health and digital issues.
Mis à jour le 13 juillet 2022.