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New Publication EuQu in Journal of Qur’anic Studies

Journal of Qur’anic Studies

Researchers from the project EuQu, Dr Sara Fani (L’Orientale di Napoli) Dr Florence Ninitte (Nantes Université) and Dr Irene Reginato (Nantes Université) have published in Journal of Qur’anic Studies.

The Journal of Qur’anic Studies aims to encourage and promote the study of the Qur’an from a wide range of scholarly perspectives. Written in both English and in Arabic, the journal bridges the gap between the two traditions of Muslim and Western scholarship.

Print ISSN: 1465-3591 Online ISSN: 1755-1730

Volume 25, Issue 2, June, 2023
European Visions of the Qur’an in the Middle Ages


Mis à jour le 14 May 2024.